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The Correspondence Course in Evangelism (CCE) was born out of the Scriptural inspiration given by Paul to Timothy in first Timothy chapter four and many years of dealing with laymen in the fields to equip the ordinary laymen in his ministry to the world. There exist many courses in the world today, however, there seems to be a lack and it is this: most teach such basics, that many are not been fully equip to be effective in reaching the lost for Christ. This course is much about laying a foundational structure whereupon most other courses may really finds its effectiveness. One of the Basic needs in many trying to convey the gospel message is really to effectively and soundly convey it to others. Few can truly effectively share their faith. After starting out – how difficult that in many cases most end up in a dead end. Many cannot really go through to reach not merely the mind but the heart of the lost. That makes this course more effective in that it not merely equip the mind of the worker, that will mostly result in reaching merely the minds of those he witness to, but it also aims at the hearts of those who share the gospel. One doesn’t merely need witnesses but true witnesses. The whole course is founded and build upon the admonition of the Apostle Paul to young Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:16:

“Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.”

We believe that in this admonition to Timothy is laid hidden the true effectiveness in any work for God. This brings personal work to its efficiency. In modern evangelism the very essence Paul admonished to Timothy here is lost! You scarcely find it among courses in evangelism today. Modern evangelism have watered down the gospel to some 4 spiritual laws God wants you to know, or 7 steps to find God or a sinners prayer or what are mostly known today as “accepting Jesus as your personal Savior!” What Paul admonished Timothy is vital to anyone that will work for the cure and salvation of souls. Thus, the Correspondence Course in Evangelism covers two basic areas of evangelism: “Take heed unto thyself…” that is the area of the worker; “and unto the doctrine…” that is the area of the message. In this course both these two areas are covered for “in doing this thou shall both save yourself and them that hear you…” This is exactly what this course is all about !



The content of this course deals with subjects everyone who present the gospel or who evangelize others need to be fully equip or furnish with so that they may be instrumental in bringing the lost to Christ. It brings home certain principles on which evangelism must be laid. Then it equip the man in becoming a vessel of honor in the Masters hand and deals with subjects like consecration, prayer, how to be filled with the Holy Spirit, its effectiveness and unction, and more. Every Christian should be able to lead someone else to Christ and everyone that wants to reach others effectively with the gospel must equip himself or herself, this course will do just that.


The duration of the course may be completed within three months from initial start up. However, the whole purpose of the course is based on laying FOUNDATIONAL structures in those that will present the gospel. Laying Foundational structures is hard work. It is therefore more advisable to lay it more sure and to be sound. Hastiness throughout the course will result in less effectiveness. After each assignment is sent back, the next lesson will be available. This course is designed to equip especially laymen and pastors, evangelists, normal everyday Christians to equip them effectively and Biblically to reach the lost for Christ


CC1 Fundamentals  
CC2.1A The Revelation of God  
CC2.1B The Nature and Study of God  
CC2.2 The Doctrine of Man  
CC3.1 The Heart and the Mind  
CC2.3A The Gospel1  
CC2.3B The Gospel2  
CC2.4A The Final Judgement1  
CC2.4B The Final Judgement2  
CCE Review  
CC2.5 The Law of God  
CC2.6 True and False Conversion  
CC2.7 Scriptural Evangelism  
CC3.2 The Spirit Filled Life  
CC3.3 Qualifications  


  There are 15 modules in this course that must be worked through within one year period. The curse can be worked through via email in about 4-6 months! The effectiveness that comes when someone work through this course not in a haste, or merely to rumble through the assignment ithout “GIVING HEED” and tio implore every assignment with much time and prayer.


This course is absolutely free and cost effective in that it is transmitted via e-mail. However should the course be send out via other means then there are postal costs involved. In such cases must the student arrange with us to determine this.   


Before the course can commence one must first register. Follow the following link, where you will find a register form “ Correspondence Course Registration Form .” Complete this form and e-mail it to us at the following e-mail address:


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