2. Two Paths

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TWO PATHS – The narrow way and the broad road


We are looking at TWO things found in Matthew 7. The next thing we find is that of TWO PATHS:- the narrow way and the broad road. The two gates leads to two paths, the narrow path and d broad road.
“…broad is the road that leads 2 destruction, and many enter through it…and narrow is the way, which leads to life,
and few there be that find it”

What the Lord Jesus show here is contra what many believe:

1. Many believe that those that will be saved or are saved are many!
But Jesus correct this by saying that those who enters the narrow Way that leads to life are but FEW.
Open your eyes and behold the masses on the broad road to Hell (destruction)!
Among them thousands and thousand of professors and confessors of Christ:
“MANY will say to Me in that day Lord, Lord, then I will tell them “I NEVER knew you!” (v21-23)


2. Many think that what Jesus refers to here means that the broad road is the one the lost are born on.
But this is not true to what Jesus refers to here!

Although it is true that every person who come into this world are already on their way to destruction (Rom 3:23) -
what Jesus refers to here is what happens to those already on their way to destruction -
the one (the FEW) enters a narrow gate that will lead them to Life,
but anather (the MANY) enters the broad gate that leads them on a easy path to destruction (although they think it is to blessedness!)

What Jesus refers to here is two different experiences and two different conversions and
two different belief systems that man will enter into and will WALK in.
Those on the broad road has also passed through some “gate” – crises in life, “experience” some spiritual phenomenoms, a certain faith appropriation – but the OUTCOME does not lead them to true godliness and Christlikeness but to only a rediscovering of themselves and a feel better over themselves – this has a destructive work in their souls now and in the life to come!

On which road are you traveling?

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