Other Evangelism Principles



Jesus taught other principles of evangelism in brief statements:


Light Of The World: Matthew 5:14-16; Luke 8:16

The Gospel will spread as believers appear like lights from a city located on high ground which can be seen from miles around. We are to bring the light of the world (Jesus) to a world filled with

spiritual darkness.


Salt Of The Earth: Luke 14:34

In Bible times, salt was rubbed into meat to preserve it from decay. Believers are the spiritual salt rubbed into the world with the message of preservation (salvation) that will save them from the decay (spiritual death) of sin.


Treasures In Heaven: Matthew 6:19-21; Luke 12:15

Believers are not to be concerned with treasures of the world. As we share the Gospel, we lay up

spiritual treasures in Heaven.


The Broad Gate: Matthew 7:14

You cannot judge the right way in terms of numbers only. The way to Hell draws many while few

find the way to eternal life.


Many Works: Matthew 7:22

Some people will do many wonderful works. But doing great works is not necessarily the same as doing God’s will and accomplishing His purposes. God’s work must be done by His people in His Way.


Little Is Much: Matthew 10:42; Matthew 14:15-21

Everything done in the name of Jesus, even that which seems small, is productive. The miracle of the loaves and fishes illustrate how God multiplies and uses what little we have to offer. This is true

of the smallest efforts at evangelizing.


Growth Requires Change: Mark 2:21-22; 7:13

New growth requires change. You cannot contain the new in old vessels of tradition and sinful

lifestyles. Men who cling to traditions and refuse to change hinder the powerful potential of the Gospel.


Gain By Losing: Mark 8:34-37; 10:29-30


Receive By Giving: Luke 6:38

Worldly principles teach that you gain by obtaining more and more. Jesus taught that you gain

everything when you lose everything. What appears to be loss in the natural world is gain in the spiritual world. As you give yourself to the task of world evangelism, you will gain eternal rewards.


Death Brings Life: John 12:24

To be a reproductive disciple you must die to the desires of your flesh. You must be dead to sin and abandon your own way to follow Jesus in reaping the spiritual harvest fields of the world.

In relation to evangelism, the teachings of Jesus reveal that He is not pleased with: Fishing without catching, an empty banquet table, sowing without reaping, a tree that bears no fruit, lost sheep not brought to the fold, a lost coin that is sought but not found, lost sons that do not return, unproductive servants, unresponsive spiritual soil, ripe harvests that are not reaped. Our Father, who is not willing that one person should perish, is interested in results through evangelism